Riding For The Brand

 In the world today filled with chaos and disaray
We need to be riding for the brand and learning to pray.
In the old west everyone knew the importance of a brand.
It was the mark a rancher used to burn on his stock out on the open land.

The term "Riding For The Brand' was an expression of loyalty to a man's employer.
It was a compliment of the highest order.
Christians should be riding for the two-one-two brand
In order to stand tall across the land.

The Two-One-Two brand is very direct and to the point.
It signifies two nailed scared hands, one spear in His side, and two more nail scars in his feet.
And this was done so that you and me He could anoint.

Riding For The Brand is of the highest calling.
For it signifies the name of the Lord who's love is unfalling.
When Christians begin to understand the privilage and responsibility of wearing the Lord's brand.
They will give it nothing less than their best and spread it across the land.

So the next time you face a situation that tempts you to compromise. Take a stand for the brand and fight Satan and all his lies.
It's not easy and it's not alway fun.
But Riding For The Brand is what we owe God's only Son.

Pastor Mark A. Mitchell



Hands that make a quilt

Hands that make a quilt are godly hands
because they are diligent
God says in His word
that the hand of the diligent maketh rich,
shall bear rule, and are satisfied. 1
The substance of diligent hands are precious.2

Hands that make a quilt
are godly hands because they are faithful.
God so lovingly tells us that,
His eyes are over the faithful of the land, 3
and He preserves them,4
and they shall abound with blessings.5

Hands that make a quilt
are godly hands because they are patient.
God’s word warns us that
a patient hand is better than a proud hand.6
A patient hand that continues doing well,seeks eternal life.7
A patient hand is steadfast until the coming of the Lord.8

Hands that make a quilt
are godly hands because they show the love of God.
God’s word tells us that
love is of God, and all who loves knows Him.9
Just as the sacrifice of time, strength and thought
made up the love that goes into a quilt,
God also sacrificed His Son,
that made up the love that goes into eternal life.10
__________________________________________________ _____

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6 Ecclesiastes 7:8
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Pastor Mark Mitchell Copyright 2002


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